Former editor-in-chief of Electronic Gaming Monthly and 1UP.com, "Milky" eventually left editorial after 12 years to move into game development, moving to Tokyo to join acclaimed developer Q Entertainment and learning the craft as a co-producer on Child of Eden (XB360/PS3) and producer on Lumines Electronic Symphony, the highest-rated launch title for PlayStation Vita. He later spent time in Kyoto at Pixeljunk developer Q-Games, before moving back to his native New York City.


A 20-year game industry veteran, Sam started his career by launching Gaming-Age.com, which later spun off its community NeoGAF.com. From there he held editorial roles at GameSpot, EGM, and the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine. In 2003 he launched 1UP.com, the first social network for gamers. He then went on to oversee the gaming media divisions for Ziff-Davis and Hearst before joining IGN as a director. Most recently he oversaw social and digital marketing for Activision while at Edelman.