Surfacing in 2018 


The Underwater Adventure of a Lifetime Now Available on PS4 and PSVR

Dive into a neon seascape as a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers and an AI partner takes you into a world transformed by water. Solve puzzles, hunt for treasure, meet legendary sea creatures, shut down the remnants of mankind's legacy, and bring the bleached underwater world back to life!


Take control of two dolphins, Jupiter and Mars, on an epic quest to bring life back to the oceans. 

Jupiter & Mars is an underwater adventure set in a future-Earth in which everything science warned us about has come to pass: sea levels have risen from melting ice caps and climate change. As a result, the coastal cities are all but completely submerged. Since man's disappearance, the oceans have begun to reclaim themselves, with coral and nearly extinct creatures returning to their once-thriving levels. But the artifacts of man's presence still remain, and an elite race of whales known as the Elders enlist Jupiter and Mars to help neutralize a global network of machines that are disrupting sea life. Along the way, Jupiter and Mars will perform incredible feats and maybe even survive to tell the tale. 


Daily Dot: Jupiter & Mars Thoughtfully Explores Climate Change (Score: 4/5)

"With in terms crafting of a moving, memorable game about the world we live in, Jupiter and Mars is swimming in success.”


Gaming Age Review (Score: A-)

"Swimming past notable landmarks now submerged, brushing past endless plastic waste as you swim around, and just pondering the thought of everything you know being washed away does make you pause and think while playing."

Attack of the Fanboy Review (Score: 4/5)

"Jupiter & Mars is a well made underwater experience that also comes with a good message about protecting the future of the oceans in some interesting ways as well.”

Tech Gaming (Score: 78)

"With pause screens that promote charity instead of season passes, Jupiter & Mars’ heart is definitely in the right place. And if your heart and mind are open, you’ll appreciate the game’s soothing 5-hour adventure.”

Digital Chumps Review (Score: 8/10)

"When so many other games hedge on any sort of belief or political statement, it’s a positive step forward Jupiter & Mars to state something concrete, even if it is raising awareness for an issue that should blindingly obvious."


Eurogamer: Jupiter & Mars is a VR treat with a vital message

"It's already a lovely game to watch: Jupiter and Mars are beautifully animated and exude a genuine sense of life and connection to the world and each other." 

USGamer: With Jupiter & Mars, two former journalists hope to save the planet

"Jupiter and Mars will also be shipping in a non-VR format, but the immersive experience works well. It's a strong start for Tigertron."

IGN Japan: Jupiter & Mars hands-on impressions from Bitsummit

“The visual are awe-inspiring... the blue water, the reflection of the sun on the ocean’s surface, the coral, it feels good just to explore the environment... the VR experience itself was not too stressful and felt like the game could be played over an extended period of time.”  


Jupiter & Mars Walkthrough Strategy Guide 

A full walkthrough guide for the main story to Jupiter & Mars

Jupiter & Mars Treasures Guide 

A handy guide to ever treasure location in the game

Jupiter & Mars Creature Rescues Guide 

A handy guide to find every sea creature you can rescue in the game

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